Counsels Law Partners (Tahmidur Rahman) | Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh | GLE Award Winner 2021

CLP (Tahmidur Rahman) is one of Bangladesh’s leading full-service law firms, serving both domestic and international clients.

Hafiz Khan founded CLP in 2015 as a law firm in Dhaka with primary litigation practise, gradually expanding its field of services and expertise to become one of Bangladesh’s leading law firms. CLP provides comprehensive counsel on a wide range of legal services, including Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, Real Estate, Education, Intellectual Property, Employment and Labour, Licensing and Registrations, Taxation (Direct & Indirect), and Global Business Setup, thus catering to every legal need from around the world.

Our services cover a wide range of industries, including assistance with facilitating foreign direct investments and business setup in Bangladesh, and our clients include both domestic and international individuals and businesses. CLP has been recognised for its expertise in addressing a wide range of legal issues, particularly those relating to Foreign Direct Investment, Joint Ventures, Corporate Compliance & Governance, and advisory support to the thriving startup ecosystem, both domestically and internationally.

Do I need to register a Partnership business in Bangladesh?

A partnership business is not required to be registered, but it is recommended that it be done. According to Section 69 of the 1932 Partnership Act.

Main Activities of Liaison office?

Maintain liaison/coordination between principal and local agents, distributors/exporters’ institutions, and other electronic media via correspondences, personal contracts, and other electronic media. Collect, compile, analyse, and disseminate business information related to its approved field of activities.

Why CLP is Considered the best law firm in Dhaka?

According to international rankings, CLP is one of the leading and best law firms in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The law firm in Dhaka is one of the best in Bangladesh, representing both foreign and domestic clients. The firm is ranked as one of the best in our jurisdiction.